Hello World!

This is a new learning english, travel, culture and other things blog. In sometimes I will write some post in english and later I will write the same post or a relashionsheep post in spanish.

I know that I don´t konw the english lenguage, but there are a lot of people that is traying it. This blog is dedicate to this people, that expend their time and their money to learning english. You can to write some suggestion about me words, about my grammar or about my opinion to built in knowledge together.

I next weeks I write somethings about the summer holydays, how to start learning english and bilbo Celebrations.

Of course, this blos is as is. In next weeks I will try to personalice the design of front end, to be more cool.

Thank you everybody to expend your time reading this post. And wellcome to this show post

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Sebas dijo...

is a good way to improve your english, you could try to write some histories or write about whatever just to add new words to your vocabulary, or maybe you could try doing a hand job to your desk mate :D

Anónimo dijo...

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